Amy Bryzgel´s blog on Performing the East

Amy Bryzgel´s blog on Performing the East

Amy Bryzgel is accompanying her new book project with a blog. 

An art historian in search of performance art in Eastern Europe

This website is a developing archive that I will construct as part of the research for my book, Performance Art in Eastern Europe.  Before I can write the book, I must journey far and wide, to meet and interview artists, curators, art historians and critics in order to amass the information from what is, in many ways, still an oral history.

I have just published a book of case studies of performance art in Eastern Europe (Performing the East: Performance Art in Russia, Latvia and Poland since 1980, IB Tauris, 2013). The monograph focused on six artists, two each in Russia, Latvia and Poland. This site takes its name from that book, as the research both rests on its foundations, yet also uses it as a jumping off point. My next book will take a more comprehensive approach to performance art in the region, expanding the analysis to include artists from a range of countries throughout Eastern Europe, including the Baltics and the Balkans, from the former Soviet countries of Ukraine and Russia, to the Westernmost border of the East - the GDR.

This website will chart the writing of that book, including my travels, meetings with artists, and discoveries along the way.  The research itself is in many ways performative. As I attempt to tell the tale of performance art in Eastern Europe, I must retrace its steps, step into the paths of the artists, and endeavor, in my own way, to perform the East.